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"When you want something bad enough, you don't take no for an answer."

Pastor, Chinyemba Titus Kahmizi, Founder of Labour of Love

Chinyemba T​itus Kamizhi, the founder of Labour of Love Gender, grew up in poverty​ and understands the impact that daily struggles for food, clothing, and shelter can have on a community. He knew he wanted to do something about his community's lower life expectancy, higher exposure to crime, unemployment, and lower educational attainment after witnessing it firsthand.
Recognizing that poverty leads to disparities in reading and language development and that women were disproportionately affected as a result of being forced into early marriages, teen pregnancy, and victims of abuse, Pastor Kamizhi set out to address this issue. He founded Labour of Love Gender, an NGO based in Kabwe, Zambia in 2019.
Kamizhi then had the brilliant idea that the best way to combat ​illiteracy in adults was to instill a love of learning in children at a tender age and a year later established Labour of Love Academy, a children's preschool. The school has two locations, one in the village, and the other in the local community. Many of these children are orphans from low-income families with little means of support and whose guardians struggle to pay their school fees, but their books, nor can afford uniforms.
The NGO's main goal was to empower women to learn reading and financial literacy; however, Kamizhi soon discovered that many of the women did not have adequate child care, nor could afford to pay a caregiver and as a result, they were bringing their children to class. We then began soliciting sponsors and donors to help support our initiatives. 

Labor of Love Gender continues to grow and has partnership initiatives with other organizations around the world. In addition to the adult literacy and early childhood programs, Labour of Love offers coaching programs, Business Management leadership programs for women, Church leadership training, and provides temporary assistance to needy people in the community. Labour of Love has a goal to expand and become a household name throughout Zambia.

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