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Recognizing the fundamental human need for social life, which has been given effect by the Constitution of the Republic of Zambia, Labour of Love Gender, based in Zambia, was established​ed to contribute to the economic, social, cultural, and human development of our nation by providing early education and adult ...

The Objectives of Labour of Love

We are an NGO that helps vulnerable women and children combat poverty in Zambia. We do this through education, entrepreneurship, and empowerment.

Our objectives are:

- To establish community schools in rural and urban communities where Labour of Love Gender shall establish its steering committees:
- To reduce ...

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Let's Partner

Let's Partner

Operation Give a Child a Christmas!

We met our goal for our "Give a Child a Christmas, Give a Child a Chance" fundraiser!   Thank You!
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Give a Child a Hot Meal

Your donation of $0.70 cents/ day can provide one child with a healthy breakfast per day. Your donation of $21.00 can feed one child for a …
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Help Pay for a Child School Fees

Help create a love for learning in young children. Many families struggle to pay their child's school fees. You can sponsor a child's …
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Current Programs

Current Programs

Early Childhood Education and Preschool Program

Labour of Love Early Childhood and Preschool …
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Labour of Love Academy

We grew to have three schools in the villages, …
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Adult ​Literacy

Labour of Love Gender teaches Adult Literacy, so …
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Bible Leadership Training

Our mission is to spiritually uplift our …
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